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I am Valera an American artist who was born in former part of the Soviet Union in Republic of Uzbekistan. I was brought up in family with seven siblings.  My childhood and school years are very memorable to me. I started drawing at the age of 7, but never took it seriously nor did my parents. After serving in Marines for 3 years (1970–1973), it was time to apply to college. Most of my friends applied to Art College (1973-1977) and I decided to join them. Among them I was the only one who was accepted. Since then my life has changed completely.

In 1977, I started working at the Uzbek Film Studio as makeup artist and scenic. After completion of the project I became a freelance artist. I was able to create exposition for various state funded art projects such as design of state museum of natural science; Uzbekistan Cultural Center; and interior design of International Hotel in Osh City, Kyrgyzstan. I was not able to complete this project due to the civil war in 1990s where I had to leave the city to save my life.

Upon returning to my city, I continued to work as non-conformist artist because I did not meet the requirements of socialist realism.

In 1991, when Soviet Union collapsed, everyone had a chance to leave the regime county and expose other opportunities in other countries. That’s where I took all the opportunities and started traveling and working as an artist and have group exhibitions in Greece, Switzerland, Germany and Hungary.

In 1994, I have immigrated to United States of America with my family. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I continue to work as a freelance artist.