Summary: Master of Fine Arts, over 35 years of experience in oil and water-based media painting, drawing, and sculptures. Painting and drawing teaching for art college students; private lessons. Experience in theater artist make-up and stage decoration. Interior design consultant.

 Work Experience:


Freelance Artist - Philadelphia, PA                                                                               



Dalet Gallery/Studio - Philadelphia, PA

2008 - 2012

 Painting Restoration

 Figurative and abstract painting

 Conducted art classes for adults and children

  Interior Design Consulting


After Earth ( aka 1000 A.E.)                                                                                           

2011 - 2012

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Art Director: Robert W. Joseph

Worked as a sculptor and scenic

Created decorations


The Last Airbender  

2009 - 2010

Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Art Director: Richard L. Johnson

Worked as a sculptor and scenic

Created decorations 


Artsolute Gallery/Studio - Collingswood, NJ

2004 - 2009     

Painting Restoration

 Figurative and abstract painting

Conducted art classes for adults and children

 Interior Design Consulting


Pink Bridge Art Gallery - Philadelphia, PA                                                              

1998 - 2004

Mural paintings and stained-glass work for interior decorations

Principal Artists for Interior Mural Projects in Textile Worker Union Palace (Russia); 120’ x 45’ acryl-tempera on wall

 Modern painting of Cotton Harvest.

Managed team of two artist assistants.

Signs and Interior design for Shopping center (Geneva, Switzerland).

Mural painting, stained-glass.

 Conducted art classes for adults and children

 Organizations of art exhibits for local and international artists


Freelance Artist - Philadelphia, PA

1994 - 1998

 Art director of the “Levicha” Jewish theater – supervised make up and costume design

 Principal Make-up, Costume and stage Artists for Jewish federal Festival, New York.

Commission portraits

 Figurative painting commissioned work in USA, Creek, Canada and Switzerland.


Uzbekistan State Art Company - Tashkent, UZ

1989 - 1994

Principal artist for various state funded art projects such as design of state museum of natural science; Uzbekistan Cultural Center; and interior design of International Hotel in Kyrgyzstan.


State college of Fine Art - Tashkent, UZ

1984 - 1989

Art instructor for graduate and undergraduate students with specialization in Theater State Decoration, Costume and Make-up


Private Collections


Alexander Glaser Collection -  Moscow, Russia

Norton Dodge Collections - Maryland,  United States of America

Leo Vayn Collection - Princeton, NJ, United States


Tretyakov Gallery - Moscow, Russia

Astral Wilderness LLC, Philadelphia, PA

 Foundation Demidoff, Montreal, Canada

The Jane Voorhees Zemmerli Art Museum

International Art Festival, Montreal, Canada

 ArtExpo, Los-Angeles’98

ArtExpo, New York’98

 Agora Gallery, SOHO, New York, NY

Art Gallery, Soloniki, Greece

 Art Gallery, Switzerland, Geneva

 Art Yama Gallery- Group Show, New York, NY

 Freelance artist for numerous art galleries in Moscow, Russia and Europe




School of Art Education   Tashkent, UZ

1982-1987 MFA with Specialization in Painting and Drawing Teaching


State College of Fine Art   Tashkent, UZ

1973-1977 BS of Fine Arts


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